Julia Kristmundsdottir

Julia Kristmundsdottir


Website: http://www.julia.us.com

   Tampa, FL, 33611

Julia Kristmundsdottir’s artwork is conceptually driven and freed from external associations, inviting the observer to a mental engagement. She uses personal reality that is simplified and refined, allowing the conceptual thought, the mental processes, and the insight to build the work. She employs both representational and abstract forms and utilizes a variety of media to convey ideas.

Kristmundsdottir is currently living in Tampa, Florida.  Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, where she received her BFA, she then moved to New Orleans to receive her Masters of Fine Art in painting at the University of New Orleans.

She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the US including The Arthur Roger Gallery and The Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, LA, Studio@620 and The Art Center, St. Petersburg FL, as well as showed in various exhibitions in Reykjavik, Iceland. She works at the University of Tampa instructing painting and figure drawing courses and is involved in promoting and working with various art associations.