Robert G. Woods

Robert G. Woods

   Plant City, FL, 33567

Originally from Pennsylvania, our family moved to Tampa in the late 60s. I was always tinkering, by building and transforming bikes into choppers.

My education came with the influences of the construction industry. As a hobby I would create unique items like a sidecar for my motorcycle. I was given the opportunity to fabricate and assist in designing sculptures for other artists. I realized my own passion for this creativity and retired from the construction industry and now pursue my own artistic journey.

I combine stainless steel, cold steel, brass, paint and sometimes blown glass materials to create my own unique sculptures. I use various welding techniques which employs MIG and TIG welding.

Every design I create is finished with a baked on powder coat for protection of the outside elements, since most of my commissioned works are exterior installations. I have accomplished numerous sculptures in various sizes up to 18 feet in height. I would love to create a Robert G. Woods Original Sculpture for you.