Polo Junior

Polo Junior


Website: http://www.veropolo.com

   14013 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL, 33613

Junior was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Since the age 5, Polo has been following the best Haitian painters in their respective disciplines. He has since developed his love and passion for art through painting, pottery, and stage design. Polo later found his inspiration for helping youth by working with disabled children at Saint Vincent Center in Haiti. This experience changed his life and he began to develop a plan to start a youth empowerment non-profit organization called GREDEVE (Network Empowerment for Child Development). Now, this 16-year-old organization teaches at-risk and underserved youth in the areas of leadership, art, literacy, and personal development. It serves over 200 youth and hosts many community building activities and performances each year.Junior currently serves on the Board of Directors and manages all staff members.

In addition to his many youth-focused endeavors, Junior worked as a general contractor and is part of an artist network in all areas of Haiti. He dedicates his time to the community and believes that unity is the only way for Haiti to grow prosperously. He now lives in the Tampa Florida area with his wife and daughter. He now draws on his experiences in Haiti and the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti to create his art. He is featured in several art galleries in the Tampa Bay area and a portion of his commissions are sent back to help fund and support GREDEVE.