Brenda Werner

Brenda Werner



One To Create is a dynamic evolving business venture that incorporates three professions: Fine Art, Art Therapy, and Creative Consultations. Artist, Art Therapist, and Creative Consultant, Brenda Werner combines her formal education with her artistic sensitivity and heightened creativity to form One To Create. Brenda earned a BFA from Norfolk State University and was motivated by her innate creative and artistic abilities. Brenda creates innovative art that goes beyond conventional two-dimensional art, using untraditional formats and media. Some of these pieces like Heaven Only Knows are low-relief, causing cast shadows that captivate the viewer. Brenda often incorporates natural objects into her art, which can be seen in: Clearwater Beach, Laughing Water, and Wind. When commissioned, she captures and translates a sentiment for the patron into fine art, such as the painting Nelie.

While at Norfolk State she minored in Psychology, which lead to her belief that art making is a canalized behavior; a canalized behavior is one that is easily learned, such as speech. This belief inspired her to further investigate Art and Psychology, so she continued her education at Eastern Virginia Medical School’s graduate Art Therapy Program in Norfolk, Virginia. After completion of her thesis, The Visual Language Enhancement Prelude: A Preparation Exercise for Art Therapy, she graduated September 1995. Since that time she has assisted and helped countless people, children and adults cope with their lives in a healthier way through the process of art therapy.

One To Create also provides Creative Consultations to satisfy the unique desires of each and every client. Brenda’s creativity is brought out and heightened by the client’s specific needs: Creative Consultations inspire new ideas, enhance existing concepts and infuse valuable insight into any issue, problem, project, business, or profession. The Creative Consultations offered at One To Create are as unique as the art as well as the art therapy approaches.