Scott Velez

Scott Velez


   St. Petersburg

Scott was born in 1971 in Clarksville Tennessee, a small city just north of Nashville. As a child Scott knew he wanted to be an artist, and he drew constantly. From the first sheet, he could naturally draw various subject matters. His ever growing imagination was tapped by a former second grade teacher, Mrs. Cecilia Roberts, during a study unit on houses. She would challenge him to draw a house plan and to build a model of a home.

The results were impressive, delighting Scott, his teachers and his mother. He found himself drawing floor plans and front elevations of “dream homes” from his imagination; he would then give these away to friends. When he was young, his mother raised him alone and on numerous occasions she would sacrifice her own dinner just to give him the needed art supplies which consisted of rulers, pens and papers. This subsequent encouragement that he received from his mother fueled his desire to become an artist.

After 30 years, Scott’s structural portraits have become known for their exact detail. He will actually count bricks, stone and roof tile to make a drawing look photographic. He received an education from the International Academy of Design. Although he still practices interior design, he had remained primarily an onlooker, until recently. He had support from his mother, but others would soon encourage him to pursue his lifelong dream and another career as an artist.

In 2009 Scott’s biggest inspiration passed away with cancer. To keep his mother’s legacy, Scott has set up the Brenda Velez Legacy Fund. This fund is made possible by the purchase of an original piece of art, print or art card offered by Scott. Ten percent of the total is given to this fund. As each school year begins, he selects an art class in the public school system to donate a portion of the fund and this is for art supplies that they may need during that year. Just as his mother had done for him so many years before.