Pamela Joy Trow

Pamela Joy Trow


   5970 80th Street N, Unit 215, St. Petersburg, FL, 33709

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Pamela’s world was ignited by the words of her perceptive kindergarten teacher,  “You should be an artist when you grow up.” And that’s exactly what she did.

Once graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Pamela pursued a career in visual communications. As a graphic designer and illustrator, she began her career in Atlanta, Georgia. During her time there, she taught at the Elite School of Design, The Portfolio Center. The industry and teaching sensitized her to the power of an image and its message…which serves as the foundation of her art work today. Her colorful images and illustrated details transport the viewer into a fantastical world of deeper expression and meaning.

In 2001, Pamela moved to the great Pacific Northwest; Bend, Oregon. Early on, she created her series of shadowboxes that integrated digitally-produced art, her poetry, found objects and jewelry parts. The work received much acclaim and was featured on the Oregon Public Broadcasting show, Oregon Art Beat. Her business focus changed to developing public service campaigns for non-profits, often integrating her illustration into animated public service announcements.

She was appointed by the mayor to the City of Bend Arts, Beautification & Culture Commission. She served six years, four as chair, helping local artists expand their opportunities. Her accomplishments included the creation of “City Walls at City Hall”, an innovative art show that brought the art and business community together and much needed revitalization to a public space, City Hall.

In 2014, Pamela moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to focus on her art. There, she was inspired by it’s culture and created a series honoring Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos)…the Mexican holiday that celebrates friends and family who have died.

Recently relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida to be closer to family and friends, Pamela is invigorated to be part of the art community, “I’m so excited to be here where the art in Pinellas County, is superlative. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how my new environment will inspire my art.”