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Sheree Rensel


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   1300 Tyrone Blvd. N., St. Petersburg, FL, 33710

Artist Bio
Sheree Rensel is an Artist / Painter. I am fighting to have my best ART LIFE! Born in Detroit, I still have “industrial grit” all over me! Earned my B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Wayne State University in the middle of Deee-troit. I am still learning to live and be the artist I was born to be. The Universe has been kind. I am so thankful for the abundance in my life. Yet, I am still learning life lessons daily. Currently, I live and work in St. Petersburg, Florida. See my work at, Sheree Rensel on Facebook / G+, wizzlewolf on Twitter

Artist Statement
One of the wonderful things about getting older is that you start to see patterns and cycles, which have occurred in your life. As an artist, I have gone through numerous stages. In my teen years, I was mesmerized by the challenge of trying to paint something to look “real”. When I went to the university, the challenge was pleasing the professors by emulating the contemporary artists of the decade. Then there were the years when I had an identifiable style and at times became locked into a genre. Colleagues and patrons would fuss if I strayed. Now, right now, this minute, I am in the most wonderful time and place ever. I make my art for me. I am my own audience, critic, and patron. I really don’t have to answer to anyone. My art is intensely personal, yet others can glean a meaning of their own. That is fine with me. We all have our way to find value in everything we encounter in our lives and that includes the art we behold.

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