Mary Elizabeth Snyder

Mary Elizabeth Snyder

3D - Visual Arts - Visual Art: Glass


   9654 W Linebaugh Ave #312, Tampa, FL, 33626

Although I entered this life on Georgia’s Golden Isle of St. Simon’s Island, my ancestors first touched the sands of Florida’s coast in St. Augustine some 400 years ago. I have spent most of my life in Florida, living on both the Gulf Coast and the East Coast, as well as in the Panhandle. I’ve traversed the Keys and relished the rolling horse farms and towering oaks of North Florida. I suppose you could say that I was born with sand between my toes.

Having been born within a gull’s cry of the beach, like so many of Florida’s creatures, I find myself drawn to the ocean. I have enjoyed the ebb and flow of tropical waters and basked in the sunrises and sunsets reflected there.

In an effort to reproduce the grace of nature’s movement, I selected the medium of glass. This spectacular material has enabled me to capture the form, flow, and colors found within the pulse of Florida’s shorelines. Each piece of glass has a story to tell and waits patiently to be fused with others to release its full beauty.

My studio, Illusions Art Glass, is located in Tampa, Florida. Here I will continue to follow my passion, the creation of artwork in the medium of fused and stained glass – with the cry of the gulls and the whisper of waves for music and the soft colors of a coastal sunset for inspiration.