Renee Bitinas

Renee Bitinas


   2350 Alexander Circle #307, Clearwater, FL, 33763

Renée is an oil painter and interior designer from the Pacific Northwest and now located out of Tampa Bay Area, Florida. Upon graduating college in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, she immediately started exploring fine arts while immersing herself in the interior design industry. After gaining experience in both fields, she made the decision to turn her passion for painting into a career. She has since created original, modern and contemporary oil paintings with collectors all over the world.

“My goal was always to beautify the environment, which drove me to studying interior design. It wasn’t until I took fine arts classes during my degree that I found a true passion, which is to create art. Sometimes an inherent ability doesn’t strike one as something extraordinary, and for me that was case. But this ability had been with me all along and I just had to validate it” —Renée.

Renée also spent several years living in Germany during her military tour, where she got to study art by observing it firsthand from the fathers of fine art. From exploring countless cities and sites throughout Europe, to enveloping herself in the culture of faraway lands, Renée has been able to take her many experiences and combine them for a well-rounded artistic style. ​

“Influences from living around the world and studying art movements guide my style and color my artworks with a balance of education and inspiration” —Renée.