Aug 07 - 18 2017
Kick, Push

Kick, Push

Presented by USF Centre Gallery at Centre Gallery

Centre Gallery is pleased to present Zakriya Rabani’s solo exhibition Kick, Push. Rabani uses installation, sculpture, and drawing in his exhibition. He uses everyday objects to construct a new language that transcends language itself.
Rabani is a graduate student entering the last year of his master degree in fine art. With a concentration in sculpture and a background in sports, Rabani’s unique perspective is demonstrated in his immersive installations and intricate line drawings.
“We are taught or pressured to act a certain way as we grow. We are given “options” and “choices”, a reoccurring pattern of words that make us feel in control. I want to understand this system that, to me, seems flawed. I feel the need to fix those flaws using language. Groomed by a life of teaching and coaching, I have had a constant urge to share what I know. I seem to crave togetherness. In my current practice, I use line as a method of exploration, it is the main key in my art production and the progressive development of my mind. Through sport and language, I am able to expand my interests of communication involving the responses of the body. By using ordinary materials, a lifelong experience of being within an institutional structure and what I see as simplicity, I am moving forward to create work that can be intricate with precision and form a new set of boundaries. Yearning to be a Sherlock in the modern world, I have a need for solving puzzles and uncovering hidden messages that have been left behind – a never-ending, ever-changing multiplex of occurrence. Ultimately, I seek work that can translate my language, hoping for the possibility of togetherness and comprehension.”
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There are no tickets needed to attend the gallery. All are welcome!

Dates & Times

2017/08/07 - 2017/08/18

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The opening takes place on August 7 and DessArt will be served at 12 pm.
The closing reception will be held on Friday, August 18 from 7-9 pm.

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Centre Gallery

4202 East Fowler Avenue, MSC 2700, Tampa, FL 33620

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