May 21
MOSUL (2019)

MOSUL (2019)

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In the fall of 2016, an army of more than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers and militia men mobilized to liberate Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, from the clutches of ISIS. Among them was embedded Iraqi journalist Ali Maula, who witnessed the temporary alliance between Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and Kurds — all of whom have differing motivations in the region, but are motivated by the unified goal of freeing their country from the scourge of ISIS.

MOSUL is a character-driven documentary that provides a snapshot of the controversial and larger than life characters impacting a political climate that has reached its boiling point: a Sunni tribal leader called “The Crocodile”; a lawyer-turned-warrior; a Iranian-backed female militia leader avenging the death of her husband; and the refugees who inhabit sprawling relief camps that are the scars of ISIS occupation.

Filmed on location between October 2016 and July 2017, the story is told as a journey into the heart of darkness through the eyes of a small band of Iraqi filmmakers who navigate up the Tigris River, from Baghdad to Mosul. As we near the end of Ali’s journey, we encounter a jailed ISIS prisoner who reveals the haunting truth behind his organization. In the aftermath of the largest siege since Stalingrad, sectarian conflict begins to re-emerge, and the tactical victory is met by a stark realization: that the war against ISIS may be over, but the seeds of another conflict have already been sown.

Dates & Times

2019/05/21 - 2019/05/21

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Tampa Theatre

711 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602

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Nearby city garage, street parking and paid lots.

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Wheelchair access to ground-level seating only. Accessible restroom on ground level. Sign language interpreter can be made available by prior arrangement.