Oct 12 - 16 2020
Bowl Me Over Learn to Turn Bowls with Don Geiger

Bowl Me Over Learn to Turn Bowls with Don Geiger

Presented by Florida School of Woodwork at Florida School of Woodwork

Learn how to use a lathe to make bowls in a fun, relaxed week of lathe time – you will turn thin-walled, wet wood bowls, natural edge bowls, and dry wood bowls from cured blanks – we will do square bowls if time permits!

Don Geiger will show you all the basics and some of the more advanced techniques used to turn bowls on a lathe. Go from very simple things to gradually more challenging shapes throughout the week. If you’ve been turning for a while or you are self-taught and not sure why things aren’t turning out right (sorry no pun intended), this class will help you refocus techniques and get you past the blocks. You will focus on:

Refining the processes of bowl turning using the push cut,
Achieving the best cut from the gouge, whether on wet or dry wood.
Sharpening your tool

We will also explore what’s involved in curing, bowl design, sanding techniques, and cutting logs for bowls. This is all about paying attention to quality, not speed.

By the end of the week, you’ll not only be turning bowls with confidence, but you will also have at least two to three bowls to show off.

Go as far as you feel comfortable with; you will be learning from someone who has a ton of patience and years of experience, so you will be in good hands.

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Phone: 8132233490

Dates & Times

2020/10/12 - 2020/10/16

Location Info

Florida School of Woodwork

1609 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602