Letterfly Pinstriping and Mural Design Services

Letterfly Pinstriping and Mural Design Services

Business/Retail/Commerical or For Profit - Visual Art/Fine Craft

Website: http://www.letterfly.com/


 4111 El Shaddiai Square, Plant City, FL 33565

Letterfly Pinstriping and Mural Design Services is a very colorful and dynamic organization that consists of the owner and distinguished artist, Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer, and three supporting staff. Although small in staff, it is vast in artistic services offered. We are based out of his home in Plant City, FL. This home which serves as gallery, studio, and workshop is Dave’s refuge and source of inspiration and known as ArtPark.

ArtPark is a known mecca of creativity, of interest to art patrons, motorcyclists, hot rodders, truckers and RVers. This creative haven is a destination for anyone curious about a finishing touch with paint, who may be considering old school pinstriping and motorcycle art, hand painted inscriptions, gold leaf monograms, pet portraits and perhaps the most exciting of all, graphic stripe schemes to enhance the RV’s tow car, or pinstriping and custom paint jobs to compliment the exterior of any vehicle.

Restoration projects also take place with antique vehicles, vintage, touring and cruising motorcycles, old racing, Coca-Cola and railroad memorabilia, period sign work; unique apparatus from the horse drawn era, cake mixers, guitars and anything for anyone that seeks to make an impression using an artisan adept with paint. ArtPark is situated in a lovely oak hammock filled with meandering garden paths that lead to quite meditative settings and is open for business during the winter months. During the spring, summer and fall months Dave takes his RV and his talent on the road covering the nation.

While Dave is traveling and might be in your area please visit www.Travelog.Letterfly.com to find when he will be in an area near you. To discover more about the artist and the numerous skills and services he provides, please visit our webpage at www.Letterfly.com . You can send him an email at Letterfly@aol.com or call his cell at 813-505-5539. We look forward to serving you so reach out and be amazed at his abilities.