Coalition of Hispanic Artists of Tampa Bay (CHA)

Coalition of Hispanic Artists of Tampa Bay (CHA)

History/Heritage - Nonprofit - Visual Art/Fine Craft


 P.O. Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684

Coalition of Hispanic Artists (CHA) is a nonprofit organization founded in April 2007 and incorporated in March 2008. The Mission of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists is to serve Hispanic artists of the greater Tampa Bay area and of the State of Florida by providing a voice for their artistry in various mediums and cultural genres, showcasing their works, providing grounds for interaction between artists and art viewers through education, group and solo exhibitions, and invitations. In so doing, it seeks to inspire creativity, celebrate diversity, and empower the artists of Hispanic cultural heritage to realize their potential by making a positive impact within their homes, their community, and the world at large. They support artists of various cultures and across various artistic disciplines, such as performing arts, visual and fine arts, crafts, media and digital arts, literary arts, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary arts, and creative design.

MOTTO: Celebrating the Diversity of Hispanic Artistry and Providing Access to All