mergeCulture Gallery

mergeCulture Gallery



 (813) 586-4765

 2744 N Florida Ave, #A, Tampa, FL 33602

mergeCulture is a gallery featuring local, national and international work located just outside of downtown Tampa in the historical Tampa Heights neighborhood.

Formerly known as Illsol, partners Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol spent much of 2017 growing the gallery business, building a collector base and refining their ideas for art shows in the Tampa Bay area. In January of 2018, they decided to separate the gallery businesses from their personal brand and rename the gallery mergeCulture, to focus on the subcultures that influence art.

We generally do not send out open calls for exhibits, our events are sent by invitation to those who’s work we are familiar with. If you’d like to be considered for an invitation to participate in either a group, or solo event. Please send a few samples of your work, along with your contact information (website, social media, etc.) to

If you have a question about purchasing artwork, please send an email to, or call (813) 586-4765.