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theROSTICKgroup Commercial Photography & Digital Photography Training is the place where creativity, convenience, and competent instruction merge. Whether you’re a curiosity seeker starting out in the field or a serious amateur looking to get the latest tips and techniques, we have short, but intense courses to help.

tRg Photography trainers are successful photographers specializing in commercial photography. Our objective is to teach you the fundamentals of creativity, then leave it up to you to be creative. We accomplish this through hands-on training in a studio environment, providing flexible scheduling throughout the day to attend classes. Our training is low on pressure as students are nurtured with high standards and expectations.

Sustained by a passion for learning and sharing, theROSTICKgroup Photography Training is a dynamic community. Former students, both professionals and amateurs, are welcome and encouraged to visit tRg Studio as they excitedly share their experiences in photography.

Whether you want to become a better photographer, enhance your basic skills or simply want to learn the controls on your camera, theROSTICKgroup will guide you through the complex landscape of digital photography.