Rebecca Penneys Friends of Piano Inc

Rebecca Penneys Friends of Piano Inc

Education - Music - Nonprofit



 3755 USF Holly Drive, Tampa, FL 33620

The objective of the Rebecca Penneys Friends of Piano Inc, through Rebecca Penneys Pianos Festival, is to educate, mentor and train pianists from around the world in solo piano, chamber music and piano ensemble during the summer months. It creates a platform for pianists to give back to their communities by performing for their peers in public venues, and to promoter and support classical music and the arts.

The RP Friends of Piano through Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival encourages music curriculum and music wellness in schools and in the private sector. It organizes, develops and promotes workshops, classes, seminars, curriculum, concerts and piano competitions to assist music students, teachers, and amateur musicians in honing their technical skills, music sensibilities and appreciation of music. RPPF and its off-shoots assists in financing academic educations and launching careers. It implants firmly in the students the ideals of hard work, commitment and self-expression. The Rebecca Penneys Friends of Piano Inc is a 501c3 organization.