The Space at 2106 Main

The Space at 2106 Main

Performing Arts Center - Theater



 2106 W. Main St., Tampa, FL 33607

The Space at 2106 Main – in Old West Tampa (OWT) is an exciting, new and unique art space in the new OWT Arts District hosting theatre, music, art, improv and other community events.

The Space is a new and exciting performance venue where the action takes place around the audience.  As everything in The Space is moveable it allows for a unique experience every time you enter.  Our goal is to be a cultural force for the Tampa community arts scene; advocating for a diverse voice in genre and artist. 

It gives a voice to many talented artists in our area, but does so with an out-of-the-box mentality. Pushing boundaries and boarders in theatre, art and music. Welcoming and engaging those in our community.

Location Info

The Space at 2106 Main

2106 W. Main St.

Tampa, FL 33607