Gulfport Public Library

Gulfport Public Library



 (727) 893-1074

 5501 28th Avenue South, Gulfport, FL 33707

The primary purpose of the Gulfport Public Library is to provide materials, information and services to meet the educational, recreational, cultural, and social needs of our diverse community, to support lifelong learning and to enhance services through the sharing of resources with the larger library community.

Our goal is to help people enrich their experiences, expand their cultural horizons, improve their literacy, and improve themselves with family, friends, community and career. We accomplish this by:

Making available to all residents, by convenient and free access, a wide variety of expertly selected library materials and resources for the public’s educational and informational needs.
Promoting the enjoyment of reading and books, literacy, lifelong learning, citizenship and the appreciation of the world’s cultural achievements.
Giving every person the opportunity for involvement, enrichment, inspiration and entertainment.
The Library affirms that an informed and involved community is a better community. By providing opportunities for citizens to contribute their time, talents and ideas, as well as by providing access to information and knowledge, the public library greatly contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

All citizens are encouraged to use and enjoy the services and resources of the public library. As a traditional and proven component of the best of a community’s learning and educational systems, the public library enriches the lives of the people it serves and it contributes significantly to their quality of life.

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Gulfport Public Library

5501 28th Avenue South

Gulfport, FL 33707